Saturday, April 24, 2010

More skunk wars

Lyle and I attended the interm ag committee meeting on Monday. The little girls stayed home with Nana (they were VERY happy not to go with us). Beky did the farm chores for us while we were gone. Monday morning there was an uninvited guest in the chicken brooder. A skunk had dug under the building and got in where the little baby chicks were. Beky tried to get the dog to chase the skunk out, but he would not even go in the brooder. Maybe Gus is smarter than we give him credit for. So Beky got the shot gun and let the skunk have it. The room is pretty small so Beky 's ears were ringing and she of course smelled really bad, but the chicks were saved. We really appreciate how much our children help out on the farm. Without them we would not be able to do everything we need to do.

Just a note......... Beky does not smell like skunk any more, but the whole shop does, especially the brooder.

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