Monday, February 28, 2011

February Update

Well here it is the last day of February. Not much has really happened around here. There is STILL snow, lots of it. Sarah told me she does not remember what summer feels like.

Lyle was offered and accepted a new job. It is with Baker Hughes. He will still be an engineer perforating wells. The bad news is that it is in North Dakota. The good news (we hope) is that he should make more money. As always it depends on how much work he gets, most of his paycheck is based on bonus. I think we are going to try and rent a place in or near Williston. Our whole family is tired of not being together. So we will live part time in ND and part time here in Evanston.

Levi and Colleen are off to New Zealand. They leave the 10th of March. It sounds like they have a fun trip planned.

Biff and Chris are doing well. They are preparing for the little boy that will be here in May.

Beky is doing fine. She will be caretaker to the house and farm for most of March and part of April. She will also be subbing for my primary class.

Hannah and Sarah are excited about all the traveling we get to do in the next few weeks. They are doing well in school. Hannah is about done with her second grade phonics and is reading at a 3rd grade level. Sarah is learning to read and can read, spell and write over a 100 words.

The girls and I leave here on friday for Denver. We will meet Lyle there and drive to Dalla,TX. Lyle has training for his new job there for 2 weeks. The girls and I will have a mini vacation. We get to go see my sister Lorri for a couple of days.

Jake and Crissy are awaiting the birth of their new little guy. Crissy is more than ready! He is due mid-March, but might make an appearance eariler. We get to go see them the first of April. I have been knitting for babies like crazy lately.

As far as the farm goes...... I just don't know. We are trying to decide what to do. It is hard with Lyle gone all the time. I love doing it, but not sure I can do ALL of it myself. One option is to take a year off (just do meat for us). One option is to cut down on the amount we raise. Another option is to do all chickens in one batch or two. Part of the trip will be spent deciding... I hate to disappoint our customers/friends.

Happy Spring to our friends andfamily!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Another Reason

Two days ago I experienced another reason to eat local and fresh foods. I got food poisoning. The only thing I ate different then the girls were green beans straight from the can. The girls ate them too, only after I cooked them well. To keep it short and not GROSS I will just say I thought I was going to die! Stomach cramps, explosive diaherra, dizziness and passing out.... I am much better today. Just feeling tired and weak. Thank goodness for Beky and her help.

The government wants to control the food we eat and where we buy it. They say it is in the name of "food safety". I have NEVER been sick from eating food I grew, raised or processed myself, or boughten from local farmers and producers. I have been sick several times from food I have boughten in stores from "big ag" (never as bad as the last time).

Please people... KNOW where your food is coming from. TRUST yourself and the people you buy from. The government is not who we should trust to keep us healthy and safe. DO that for yourself!

Did you notice the soapbox I'm standing on? Want to join me? Get involved! This is an issue in every state!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Now, no one die of shock........ I really am updating this thing. One of my goals this year is to update at least once a month. Now that I have "said" that out loud, I really am going to have to do it!
We have had lots of things happen since August.

Lyle is still working in North Dakota. The "obscence" amounts of money never materialized. In fact I worry (but I worry all the time any way). He is on a 20 day on and 10 day off schedule. So the 20 days gone stink, but the 10 days home are wonderful. He is still Lyle..... and I'm glad!

Levi was married on August 22, in Juneau. I'm not sure how it happened, but they had sunshine for the wedding. Our new daughter in law is Colleen Windom (now Williams of course). She is a nice girl and we are happy she is part of our family. They live about three miles from us. That probably won't last long since both of them pine for Alaska. Levi still works in the oil/gas fields near Big Piney/Pinedale WY.

Jake and Crissy are now in Washington. But just until Jake finishes school. He is going to wooden boat building school. He will be a journeyman carpenter when he finishes, but his love is boats. Crissy is due to have a little boy in March. Of course we are all excited about that! Juliet is two. She is the cutest, smartest little two year old in the world. Now does that sound like a grammy?

Beky is living home with us. I am sooooo happy about that. Since Lyle has been gone she is a huge help here on the farm. She is working at a coffee shop in town. Her calling at church is the ward young single adult rep. Not her "dream" calling but she is doing well with it.

Biff was married in May. She lives in Evanston. We are happy and really like our new son in law, Chris. They are going to be parents in May. She has her ultra- sound on the 17th and we are taking bets on the baby's gender. Biff is working at the same coffee shop as Beky.

Hannah just turned 7. She is growing so fast. We are doing homeschool. She is already looking forward to being 8 and being baptized. Her imagination is growing just as fast as her body. Hannah is rarely Hannah. Some days she is a knight, a prince, tarzan or a million other characters.

Sarah turned 5 in October. She has started phonics and is learning to read. She definitley is a princess, just ask her. She still wishes she had repunzel hair.

I am still doing what I always do. Being the mom, being Lyle's wife and I LOVE IT ! Until next time......... Jana