Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Another Reason

Two days ago I experienced another reason to eat local and fresh foods. I got food poisoning. The only thing I ate different then the girls were green beans straight from the can. The girls ate them too, only after I cooked them well. To keep it short and not GROSS I will just say I thought I was going to die! Stomach cramps, explosive diaherra, dizziness and passing out.... I am much better today. Just feeling tired and weak. Thank goodness for Beky and her help.

The government wants to control the food we eat and where we buy it. They say it is in the name of "food safety". I have NEVER been sick from eating food I grew, raised or processed myself, or boughten from local farmers and producers. I have been sick several times from food I have boughten in stores from "big ag" (never as bad as the last time).

Please people... KNOW where your food is coming from. TRUST yourself and the people you buy from. The government is not who we should trust to keep us healthy and safe. DO that for yourself!

Did you notice the soapbox I'm standing on? Want to join me? Get involved! This is an issue in every state!

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