Monday, January 25, 2016


         Twice a day, giants come into our quiet coop, carrying a vessel filled with the most glorius food you have ever tasted, in exchange for our children! They take the unborn chicks, still in there shells, out of our houses, put them in a basket, take them to the white castle of the giants, were they put them in gray prisons then sell them to be EATEN! And then, at the end of fall, every year, the giants trap our white- feathered brothers, the meat chickens, slit there throats, pluck every feather from there body, chop off there heads and feet, rip out all there guts, then put them in bags, dip them in boiling water, then sell them, also, to be EATEN!

                   FRIED CHICKEN!
                    BAKED CHICKEN!
                        CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP!
                            CHICKEN AND DUMPLINGS!
                                                          CHICKEN SALAD!
                                                                  CHICKEN SANDWICHS!

So be afraid, little chick,
                   be VERY AFRAID
BY: Hannah Williams