Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Lyle with one of our boars.

Today we took some pictures of our younger boar. He is a Large Black pig. It is a heritage breed that is not very common, especially in the west. Hannah likes to call him "Jacko". Lyle was busy today getting things ready for his regular 8 days at work. He works in the Jonah oil field and is gone from home for those 8 days. He always has the feed for the pigs and chickens ground and in the barns to make it easy for me to do the chores. We have found that the pigs and chickens do much better on fresh ground feed. We also can control what they eat if we mix our own. We tried the "ready bagged prepared" feed from the stores and were not satisfied with the results. Lyle is always resourceful and found a feed grinder on ebay and we started to grind our own feed. Thank goodness for a wonderful high school ag teacher who taught us how to figure feed rations (Thanks Mr. Wallace)! We saw instant results. Our animals were much more active, and just acted healthier. Plus we KNEW what they were eating for sure............


  1. looks like Lyle has gained some tummy. Is he trying to emulate the pigs?

  2. I think you are on to something, Jana. You may have started a blog that Glenn can actually get into. Can't wait to show him. I'm a follower!