Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

Yesterday was a good day. I use to hate mother's day, I would listen to all those talks glorifying mothers and feel inadequate. It made me think of all the things I wasn't doing and all the things I needed to do better. Now that four of our kids are adults, I know that I was right, there were things I needed to do better and things I didn't do that I should have done. But I also know now I really did do the best I knew how in the circumstances I was in. My four "kids" turned out great! They are thinking, caring, responsible people who support themselves. Are they perfect? NO! But that is ok. I now know that they get to choose, and I need to stand back and let them. Now for the present, and this mother's day. I went to church with the two little girls. They refused to go up on the stand with the rest of the primary to sing, they said they were too scared. Hannah sang softly in my ear though. When I got home, I talked to my MOM which I really like to do. Biffy made dinner for us. There was a present from them all (Sarah had a hard time keeping that secret!). We had fun and talked and laughed through dinner (my favorite thing in the world is to spend time with my family). Then Biffy and Beky cleaned up. The little girls played and Levi got ready for a fishing trip. Then the big girls stuck around and we visited until about 9:00. Lyle missed all the fun, he is at work until Thurdays night. I went to bed last night feeling like maybe, just maybe I had done an OK job at being a mom. Thanks kids!!!!


  1. Hi Guys!! This is great, I am very glad you have started a blog! I look forward to being inside your "loop". Hope all is good... Brian

  2. Hey it's so nice that we get to see your family along with the animals although it's been so long I am not sure I recognize many of them. Who has the little girls? They look just like your family. I finally got around to posting your blog address on my blog so I will check in more often. Hope all is well.