Sunday, February 14, 2010

Friday we went to a seminar (our valentine day date) by Gary Zimmer. He is an expert on biological farming. WOW! He has a head full of farming knowledge. A lot of what he had to say did not really pertain to our farm, but it was still interesting. There were a few things though that made me go "hmm". It was fun to have the day with Lyle. It was fun to learn new things and have some questions answered. Have you ever heard something and it is like a light bulb going on in your mind? Well, that happened a few times at the seminar, so it was well worth the drive to Spanish Fork (2 hours). Now to put what we learned or had clarified into practice. There is so many things we want to do with the farm. But there are constraints...... both time and money. I guess it is time to sit down and decide what is most important and what needs to happen first.

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