Thursday, February 11, 2010

Kindred spirits

The first time I had ever read the term kindred spirit I was about 15. I was reading Anne of Green Gables. Anne was always looking for "kindred spirits" and was excited when she found them. Because Lyle and I are not usually among the "crowd" some times we feel like we are the only ones, the only ones who think and do as we do and think.
Last Wednesday was a good day for us. We have been trying to get our feed rations closer to what we believe to be healthy for our animals. Lyle was getting very frustrated. He has been trying for two years to find a protein source that was NOT soy. We have tried to a few things but have not been satisfied with them. We thought we had found a source and drove to Ogden to check it out. Again, a wild goose chase. But the guy there pointed to Cache Commodities across the road and said "try them". It looked like a feed store, that same as every other one that did not have what we needed. Lyle and I debated on stopping there. Lyle said "What the heck, we are here. Lets try it". He got to talk to Rod. We had found another Kindred Spirit! Rod understood why we did not want to use soy. He talked with Lyle for quite a while and made some great suggestions. I think we have finally found a place where we can get the supplements we want! He also told us about a seminar on biological farming that they were a sponsor of (and yes we are attending). We left Cache Commodities more optimistic about our feed than we have been in a long time.
Next we went to get some non-gmo corn. YES you read right NON-GMO corn! Near Brigham City there is a farmer who has good corn for sale. Morgan knows what he is doing. His corn looks, smells and tastes great. Yes, I tasted it. He uses safe fertilizer too. He reads Stockman Grassfarmer and Acres. He is a nice guy too. Another kindred spirit. And close to home even (100 miles is close for us).
Some times it is nice to find people out there that have the same philosophy as we do. It is a comfort to know that we are not all alone. Maybe there is hope for this old world and the people who live on it. If there is enough of us, we can make changes. We can have food that is healthy, we can fight the "evil" in the world, we can live in peace without government interference.... Any way, Wednesday was a good day, and renewed my faith in people and my hope.

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  1. Jana I am glad you had a good day to renew your hope, those days seem to come along just when you need them. I love your honesty and integrity, I love your philosophy and your actions to make the world a better place. You are making a difference!